Welcome to the E-TEAM.

The “E” stands for EVERYONE! If you have a student enrolled at Encino Charter Elementary School – YOU ARE the E-TEAM and part of this amazing Parent community. So what is the E-TEAM?

The E-TEAM was created to be a parent volunteer supported, non-profit organization that links the students, teachers and administration together.  Our goal is to help our children achieve their greatest potential by becoming well-rounded students and citizens. Continuous opportunities that the E-TEAM secures for all students at ECES include computer lab instruction, science lab instruction, art classes, physical education, and an incredible assortment of after-school enrichment courses that are both educational and fun! We want all of our students to excel in learning and have the opportunity to participate in these enriching programs throughout their elementary school years. And it doesn’t stop there. We are constantly striving to aid our LAUSD funding to keep our campus contemporary and safe. The funds we raise help cover traffic safety, author events, field trips, campus improvements and classroom upgrades.

Our parent volunteers work tirelessly and are extremely dedicated to our neighborhood school.  We promote a fun and positive attitude towards volunteering and welcome anyone who wants to pitch in! Without you, we have nothing. WITH YOU, we can create endless possibilities for our children.

JOIN US and find out more about how you can be an active part of the E-TEAM and make a difference in our children’s educational experience. Questions? Please contact one of our E-TEAM Co-Presidents:

Melissa Davis
Angela Hartmann