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Welcome to the E-TEAM Parent Community website! 

If YOU have a student enrolled at Encino Charter Elementary School – YOU ARE the “E” in E-TEAM as it includes EVERY Parent or Guardian at our amazing Neighborhood School! 

So what is the E-TEAM and what do we do?

We are a parent volunteer, non-profit organization that links the students, teachers and administration together. We celebrate our diversity and community of families. Our goal is to help our children achieve their greatest potential by becoming well-rounded students and citizens. We raise the necessary funds to cover the educational opportunities LAUSD does not provide including COMPUTER SCIENCE LAB & INSTRUCTION, SCIENCE LAB INSTRUCTION, PHYSICAL EDUCATION, ART, ROBOTICS and an incredible assortment of after-school enrichment courses that are both educational and fun! And it doesn’t stop there….the E-TEAM also raises funds to keep our campus contemporary and safe. All money we raise helps cover traffic safety, campus improvements, author events, field trips, technology and classroom upgrades.  Our E-TEAM volunteers also spearhead traffic duty, room parent coordination, earthquake preparedness and much, much more. 

So what does it mean for YOU? 

The minute you enroll a child at our school, you are part of the E-TEAM. We know you have ideas and opinions but the only way we will hear it is if you share it. We are all advocates for our children and it’s our responsibility to voice our thoughts! The best way to do that is: 

·       Come to Meetings (Parent meetings held every other month) to listen and share. 

·       Read Emails and stay informed. 

·       Come to events! 

·       Volunteer (options for both working and stay at home schedules) 

·       Participate in the E-TEAM board election process. 

We promote a fun and positive attitude towards volunteering and welcome anyone who wants to pitch in! Without you, we have nothing. WITH YOU, we can create endless possibilities for our children.

To learn about the E-TEAM Board positions and members, click HERE.

Who is the E-TEAM Board?

They are an elected group of people who act as your advocate in developing and implementing educational programs and campus improvement spending. Everything they do goes towards our one goal of enriching our children’s educational experience and safety at our amazing neighborhood school. The board consists of Co-Presidents, Co-Treasurers, Co-VPs of Fundraising, Student Services, Reporting, Communications and an advisor for each Grade Level. 

JOIN US and find out more about how you can be an active part of the E-TEAM and make a difference in our children’s educational experience. Questions? Please reach out to one of our E-TEAM Co-Presidents and they will be happy to talk with you! 

You can reach Jamie Grossman and Geraldine Hernandez-Abisror at

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