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E-Team Board Elections 2022-2023


Please read below for more info on our candidates for E-Team Executive and Advisory Board Positions. When you are ready to vote, click here to go to the ballot. Votes are due by 9pm, Friday May 13, 2022.



Christina Stenman

My husband Eric and I have two children at ECES: Jack (2nd grade) and Sloane (TK). We have been @ ECES: 3 years. I am interested in running for co-treasurer. I have experience as an auditor, working for one of the big 4 public accounting firms: Deloitte & Touche, LLP. This prior work experience is relevant and would assist me in carrying out the duties of co-treasurer, should I be elected. I also have a bachelor's degree in communication studies and a master's degree in broadcast journalism. I have worked for the local ABC-affiliate stations in Kennewick, WA and Fresno, CA as an anchor, reporter and producer. My communication background has provided me with a foundation for strong public speaking skills and strengthened my interpersonal communication skills. I get along well with others, am professional, diplomatic and flexible, which would make me a great addition/fit for the E-Team board. I am very passionate about ECES and in the past, I've tried to recruit highly-qualified candidates to apply for the vacant principal and teacher positions. In my current job as a public health nursing supervisor with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, I play a forward-facing role with the public but also a supportive role with my staff and upper management. I have been tasked with leading large groups of people from diverse professional backgrounds - for example, I was the director of the vaccination POD at The Forum when COVID vaccines were first being administered to the public. All of my experiences and skills would make me a great addition/fit for the E-Team board. I would be honored and humbled to serve ECES and the school community to elevate and maintain ECES' reputation for excellence. 



Rachel Lewis

My name is Rachel Lewis. My family is made up of my husband Alex, my son Cameron (kindergarten, Ms. DeJesus’ class), and my 3.5 year old daughter Spencer. We have been at ECS for 1 year. I am seeking to represent the first grade families for the 2022-2023 school year as first grade advisor. It has been such a privilege and a thrill to have had the opportunity to participate as the Kinder advisor this year at our school. Although it was only our first year at Encino Charter, it was exciting to be involved in the E-Team and help out in any way I could; volunteering for covid testing, the book fair, our amazing fundraising events, and even for lunch and recess duty. As an elementary educator myself, I know firsthand that parent associations are the essence of how schools transcend into greatness. From my experiences with being on the E-Team this past year and continuing to work in schools as a professional, I feel I can continue to be an asset as the first grade advisor in sustaining already existing programs and helping develop new ones when needed. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many families and connecting more with neighbors and friends who attend our school. My younger child will begin at ECS in only one more year, and I am excited for many years of involvement with the E-Team.  Thank you for considering me for First Grade Advisor and I look forward to the year ahead. 


Carrie Samper

My name is Carrie Samper, and I am excited to run for the position of Second Grade Advisor. My husband, Rod Samper, and I have two sons - Reed Samper, age 7, and Frank Samper, age 3. Reed is in Ms. Whitehead's 1st grade class at Encino Charter this year, and Frank can't wait to start Kindergarten in Fall 2023. I have been so impressed by the parent involvement and level of care at Encino Charter, and I would like to be more involved. Since our first year here was during the pandemic and completely remote, it is so wonderful to have the interaction coming back this year. I have been a Room Parent for 2 years - for Reed's Kinder class with Mrs. Skrifvars and also for Ms. Whitehead. I truly enjoy interacting with the teachers and parents in the effort to give our children an enriching experience at school. I work full-time for Equinox as the Director of Pilates Education, and all of the organizational, communication, and development skills fit quite well into supporting the E-Team and Encino Charter. I look forward to many more years of supporting our children and our school! Thank you for your consideration!


Liz Rodol 

Hi, my name Is Elizabeth Rodol. My husband, Anthony and I have lived in Encino since 2013 – one of the main reasons we bought our house was because of ECES. We have two children, Charlotte (6) and Jacob (3). Our daughter is currently in first grade with Ms. Bloom. I served on the E-Team as 1st grade advisor, and would love to be considered for the 2nd Grade Advisor Position.  

I worked for 13 years in the entertainment business, casting feature films and television shows, before deciding to stay at home with my children while they were young. My time in the industry taught me to be hyper-organized and focused, and how to handle strong personalities (it did not, however prepare me for my own children’s). I also volunteered for 4 years at UCLA’s UniCamp, which provided hundreds of DCFS children with the experience of sleep-away camp every summer. Ensuring an equal and equitable environment for all of our students is a very important to me.



Sabrina Bonang

My name is Sabrina Bonang. My husband, Austin, and I have two children at Encino Charter. Ethan is currently in 2nd grade with Ms. Luc, and Layla is in kindergarten with Ms. Schwimmer. We have been an ECES family for three years. I am interested in the position of 3rd Grade Advisor because I believe that every family has a significant role in our school community. I want to ensure that families feel welcome, and encourage others to participate in activities that will further grow the special community we have at Encino Charter. I write for a living, and I think that experience would come in handy in the role of 3rd grade advisor, as communication is a large part of the position. I would also love to plan some fun events to get 3rd grade families engaged. Those of us who have been at ECES for three years or less haven't had a normal year of elementary school yet, so we have some catching up to do! I look forward to the opportunity to give back to the school that both my kids attend and love dearly. 


Megan Ruthchild

My name is Megan Ruthchild and my daughter Etta will be in 3rd grade next year.

I'm interested in continuing as a grade level advisor for 3rd grade. We've been at Encino Charter since Kindergarten and have had a very positive experience at this amazing school. I'd love to continue to work towards making this school even better. In my work life, I'm a behavior therapist, working with children on the autism spectrum and their families. I'd like to think I'm well suited to work in an inclusive and supportive group, working towards building a better school for our kids! 


Pandora Kronenburg 

Pandora Kronenburg & Rick Walker - Presley Walker Grade 3 (current). We have been a part of Encino Charter since 2010 when our older twins were enrolled. We have been a part of the community for several years. I am running for 4th Grade Advisor and feel that there are unlimited ways I can contribute to the greater good of the school.


Jennifer Meister

I'm Jennifer Meister. My husband is Eyal Alony, and our soon-to-be fourth grader is Asher Alony. He is in Mrs. Lawson's class this year. We have been at ECES since Asher was in first grade, and our son Levi will be starting Kindergarten at ECES in August! I'm running for 4th Grade Advisor. I was a room parent for Asher's second grade class and a co-chair of Turkey Trot in 2019. I loved being involved with the E-Team, helping out with programs, and getting to know so many parents, teachers, and kids. My work as an attorney is (luckily) very different than the work I would be doing as 4th Grade Advisor, but I would bring the same organizational skills and ability to adapt to this position. Thanks for your consideration!


Juanita Barga

We have three girls at ECES, Lailonie in 5th, Natalie in 4th and Kayla in Kindergarten. This is our first year at Encino. I am running for 5th grade advisor. I believe I'd be a great fit for the E-team board because I have a desire to learn and grow. I would love to be a more involved parent and be able to support students and their families. I am a positive forward thinker and able to work with groups of children, communicating with them on their level in a way they could understand. I’m a self-driven individual who is fluent in English & Spanish. I am also skilled in Microsoft office, Exel, PDF editing software & data analytics.