Mrs. Romero

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Ms. Sandler

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Mrs. Mgeryan

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Mrs. Chun

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Mr. Zwick

Mr. Zwick has been teaching fourth grade at Encino Charter Elementary for six years.  He taught fourth grade for nine years previously at Erwin Street Elementary.  Outside of his role as a sought-after classroom teacher, he is also the teacher representative on the E-TEAM, an elected member of the Charter Board and its personnel committee, and chairperson of his grade level. 

Known by students and parents as being both firm and friendly, Mr. Zwick also has a reputation for making learning fun, while challenging students academically.  He believes in instilling responsibility and hard work in his students, as well as respect for peers and adults.  While he comes off as a man of few words to those who don't know him well, his students are often heard laughing at his dry humor. 

Mr. Zwick grew up in Encino, attended UCLA, and worked in the entertainment industry before realizing education was what he found most fulfilling.  He was the singer-songwriter and guitarist in a band that played in local hotspots including the world-famous Whiskey a Go Go in the early 2000s.  He currently writes music for theatrical musicals as well as our new school song, and despite his self-professed introversion, is known for his outrageous dance moves at our yearly Gala. 

Mr. Zwick believes in rewarding students for their diligence and good behavior.  Having grown up being placed in in Honors, Advanced Placement, and Gifted classes, he knows that intelligence is great, but how one applies it is much more important.  One of his favorite quotations that he shares with his students is from Thomas Edison: "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration." He loves Guns N' Roses, pizza, and ancient history, and hates excuses, sushi, and anything with fruit in it.

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