Hi and Welcome Back Encino Charter Elementary Parents!

Here is the Volunteer Roster for the first half of the 2018/19 School Year! 

New this year,  we are going to rotate each month with one or two grade levels as opposed to individual classes.  

Please remember that without enough parent volunteers,  we cannot offer a valet/drop off service and therefore we need every family's participation.  Please sign up for 1-2 slots each time your child(ren)'s grade level is up.  

As always, we need participation from everyone to ensure and provide a safe and efficient valet/drop off for our entire community.  

August 14- 30-  3rd Grade (Bourne, Lawson, Ralston and Siskin)

September 4- 28- 2nd Grade (Bouffard, Huff, Luc, Thorne)

October 1-31- 4th Grade  (Barraza, Kmiec, Zwick) and 5th Grade (Barkle, Mgeryan, Mischkot)

November 1-30- 1st Grade (Bloom, Bunchiyan, Kelfer, Whitehead)

December 3-14- Kindergarten (Moustafa, Norton, Romero, Torrosian)

Please sign up here:


Any Questions?  Please email Kim and Jamie at

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