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E-Team Teachers

Ms. Kampelman

Hi! My name is Savanauh Kampelman, and I am the new science teacher! I am so excited to share this opportunity with the children and community of ECES. A little bit about me, I graduated from California State University Northridge, in December 2021, with my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. I have always loved working with children, I started working at ECES in 2020, previously coming from a school in Reseda as a Teacher's assistant also for 3 years. A lot of you have known me previously as Ms. Savanauh, and working at the gates in the morning, but I wanted to expand my career this year, and here I am now as the Science teacher, Ms. Kampelman. Some hobbies of mine include going to Dodger games during baseball season, going to the beach, and binge watching Netflix. I am looking forward to a great year of Science!