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E-Team Teachers

Ms. Yvonne

I have been teaching art to children for over 30 years in the greater LA area, focusing on the San Fernando Valley. If you give children a safe environment and the tools to be creative, not only do you spark imagination, you build self esteem and then the magic begins! My love for art started at a very young age, although not nurtured within the school district. My mother saw how much it meant to me and found a teacher outside of school. It was with his lessons that I was able to blossom as an artist and person and found my true love of oil painting.

My love for art spans from oil painting, acrylic and watercolors, clay, and mixed media – my first love being oil paints. My first painting teacher taught me to observe the world, to look 3 times and then draw. The environment is very important to me; besides the beauty and fascination, our lives depend on it. One of my favorite quotes from Vincent van Gough is, “painters understand nature and love her, and teach us to see her.”