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What We Do


In addition to role-specific responsibilities listed below, all board members must also co-chair or chair at least one fundraising event and also must attend:

  • Monthly Board Meetings 
  • Bi-monthly Parent Meetings
  • Beginning of the year Coffee with the Principal 

E-Team Co-Presidents 

The E-Team presidents have general supervision, direction, and control of the business and affairs of the E-Team. As the E-Team managers, their responsibilities include: 

  • Facilitation and encouragement of all board members toward a successful execution of their positions and tasks
  • Management of independent contractors hired by the E-TEAM including annual renewal of E-TEAM Teacher contracts
  • Scheduling and attending all Parent and/or Board meetings (at least one co-President must), setting the agenda for the meetings, and approving the meeting minutes
  • Driving general budget development and the budget committee
  • Scheduling and planning events, including obtaining approval from the Principal. 
  • Being available to meet with and effectively communicate with the parent community, the Principal and the staff of Encino Charter Elementary
  • Handling and spearheading E-team staff issues and discussions 

E-Team Treasurers

The E-Team Treasurers receive and safely keep all E-Team funds and also emit payments as needed. (All payments over $100 must be approved by a majority vote.) Other responsibilities include: 

  • Overseeing and maintaining all bank accounts and accounting with Quickbooks online
  • Writing all checks, making deposits and putting together cash boxes for Fundraising events
  • Completing the final tallies for each Fundraising event 
  • Filing of ETEAM’s annual federal and CA state income tax returns 
  • Filing 1099s for individuals or entities dealing with the ETEAM 
  • Annual renewing the ETEAM insurance policy 
  • Annual renewing and delivering payment for any ETEAM contract agreements including collection and review of E- Team-supported independent contractors (teachers)
  • Overseeing the payroll of all contractors
  • Serving as a member of the Budget Committee
  • Monthly accrual of expenditures/incoming revenue to report for board meetings in comparison with the annual approved budget 

E-Team Co-Vice Presidents of Fundraising

The Co–Vice Presidents of Fundraising oversee and are responsible for all fundraising activities of the E-Team (excluding 5th Grade Fundraising which will be handled by 5th Grade Advisor). Other responsibilities include: 

  • Developing a strategic fundraising calendar to achieve necessary funds to meet annual E-Team budget needs
  • Managing chair teams to execute the calendared events and functions, and ensuring they follow the steps necessary to achieve our financial goals
  • Reporting earnings to the parent community and driving excitement for participation and attendance at events 
  • Organizing community-oriented events such as Restaurant nights, Back to School Movie Night, Annual Gala, etc.
  • Attendance and facilitation of fundraising events 

E-Team Co-Vice Presidents of Student Services/Affairs

The Vice President of Student Services/Affairs oversees programs for enhancement of the educational experience at Encino Charter Elementary School.  These responsibilities include:

  • Collecting funds for and maintaining Earthquake Kits
  • Coordinating Field Trips and Buses
  • Attending Grade Level Meetings for Parents
  • Maintaining recycling program
  • Coordinating and communicating with Room Parents
  • Providing Safety & Parent Education Assemblies
  • Facilitating Traffic Duty though volunteer sign-up and community engagement
  • Working with the school community on campus beautification

E-Team Co-Recording Secretaries

The ETEAM Recording Secretary is responsible for keeping records for the ETEAM including by-laws as well as a full and complete record of the proceedings of the board, and ensuring the seal of the ETEAM is affixed to such papers. Other responsibilities include: 

  • Taking notes at each meeting (or finding a board replacement to take notes if unable to attend.) 
  • Following up on Next Steps with any responsible parties of outstanding issues
  • Summarizing what was discussed at the meeting
  • Sending completed Minutes from each meeting for approval from the Co Presidents and VPs of Fundraising 
  • Sending the minutes to the Corresponding Secretary after approval so that they can be posted on the ETEAM website
  • Record minutes for General Parent Meetings. 
  • Ensure a copy of both Board Meeting & Parent meetings are printed and put in Binder 
  • Communicate weekly schedule of events to parent community through Constant Contact

E-Team Co-Corresponding Secretaries

The ETEAM Corresponding Secretary is responsible for dissemination of information and ETEAM events through the ETEAM website. Other responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining structure of website while adding additional pages as needed
  • Coordinating with Fundraising Chair teams to drive excitement and attendance/participation for each fundraising event 
  • Creating and monitoring online payments for ETEAM events
  • Running reports from online commerce for Fundraising Event Chairs

E-Team Grade Level Advisors

E-Team Grade Level Advisors must have a child in the grade they are representing and act as a point of contact/liaison for that grade with the ETEAM board. (With Kinder and 5th Grade exceptions below) each advisor is responsible for:

  • Coordinating Grade Level Meetings with the Principal and ETEAM at the beginning of each year
  • Coordinating a grade level get together at least twice through the year to keep families connected and engaged
  • Coordinating with Fundraising Chair teams to drive excitement and attendance/participation for each Fundraising event

In addition to the above responsibilities, the Kinder Advisor is also responsible for:

  • Coordinating a Kinder Play date at the end of the school year for the following fall's incoming Kinder families
  • Assisting with the the Kindergarten Orientation for the next incoming Kindergarten class*

*(The Kinder Advisor's term is from the October that their child is in Kinder through the following October, when their child is in 1st grade)

The 5th Grade Advisor is also responsible for: 

  • Coordinating Pali Camp - including securing money and approval forms 
  • Spearheading 5th Grade Fundraising activities (in collaboration with the VPs of Fundraising) to cover the cost of 5th Grade Culmination and other related costs
  • Creating and leading a committee of 5th Grade Parents to plan and execute the 5th Grade Culmination party