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Year-long Fundraisers

E-TEAM Pledge

2023-2024 E-TEAM PLEDGE

What is the E-Team Pledge?
The E-Team Pledge is our annual giving campaign. Each year we must raise over $200,000 to fund our supplemental programs at Encino Charter Elementary. The majority of this is raised through your direct donations.

E-Team programs include Science, Art, Computer and Physical Education instruction for all students at Encino Charter Elementary. We also purchase additional supplies, equipment, and technology for staff and students.

What will happen if we don’t meet our goal?
Without these funds, our students risk losing E-Team teachers (and the curriculum they provide) in current and future school years. These programs are part of what makes our school so special.

What can I do to help?
You can donate today, through the ETEAM Pledge. 100% of your tax-deductible E-TEAM Pledge contributions go to fund our incredible PE, Computer, Art, and Science programs – as well as many other classroom improvements, supplies and equipment.

A suggested donation amount of $750 helps ensure these critical programs are sustained in the coming year for all our students. Please know that ANY DONATION AMOUNT IS ACCEPTED AND APPRECIATED. Whatever amount you can give, however large or small, will benefit every student. The more of us that participate, the better the outcome for our school and children.

How do I donate?

We accept the following payment methods for your donations. 

  • Credit card: Donations via credit card may be submitted online by completing the form below.
  • Venmo: Donations can be sent to our Venmo @ECES-ETEAM. Click HERE for Venmo QR code. Please input "Pledge Donation" and student's name/grade to the notes.
  • Check or Cash: For donations via check or cash, please complete our Pledge Dropoff Form and include with your check/cash in an envelope addressed to E-Team Treasurer. Envelope may be dropped off at the school's front office.

How I do get a receipt for my donation for tax reporting purposes?

For donations via credit card, you will receive an email confirmation which will serve as your receipt. If you need a receipt for donations submitted via Venmo, check, or cash, you may request a receipt by emailing us at

Do you accept corporate matching?

Yes! We accept corporate matching and should be listed in your employer's corporate matching site.

Questions? Please email

1) Donor and Student Information

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2) If you want to make a ONE TIME donation or donate a custom amount, please do so below. * Make sure to NOT check make this a monthly payment.

Custom amounts accepted.

3) If you would like to make monthly payment towards your pledge, please select the 4 month option below. * Make sure to check make this a monthly payment.

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Note: Please review your information before clicking "Donate Now" button. Once you click on the button, it will automatically charge your credit card and does not go to a review screen. You will receive an email confirmation as receipt.