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What We Pay For


The E-TEAM provides the funds to cover the following educational programs:

  • Art with Ms.Yvonne
  • Physical Education with Coach D’Mitri
  • Science Lab 
  • Computer Science with Mr. Rodriguez
  • Materials and technology to support these programs
  • Other expenses as needed

Additionally, the E-TEAM is also responsible for raising money to make capital improvements on our campus and in our classrooms.  We’ve raised enough money for students in grades K - 2nd to have at least 35 iPads to share, and for students in grades 3 - 5 to each have their own Chromebooks. This GREATLY assists our teaching staff on a daily basis, and even more so during our standardized testing windows.


The budgeting process takes place during the summer before the school year and is adjusted as needed throughout the year. Every penny counts and is invested into programs that directly aid student learning and safety. The following is an overview of how we spent last year's fundraising budget:

  • Salary for our ETEAM teachers for the 2018-2019 school year: science, art, physical education, computer, and after-school library (including supplies)Total spent: $193,000.00 
  • Computer Lab upgrade with 36 new apple computers - Total spent: $18,361.00
  • Additional classroom technology (iPads, Chromebooks, ELMOs, projectors, MacBooks, Headphones, etc.) - Total spent: $31,000.00
  • Computer repair & toner - Total spent: $5,000.00
  • Field Trips: Total spent - $5,200.00
  • Accelerated Reader & Typing Agent programs - Total spent: $9,000.00
  • Additional funds designated for maintenance and fees associated with operating our E-TEAM website, LAUSD permit costs for events, assemblies throughout the year, author visits, etc.

In addition to the activities above, the amount of money we maintain in our savings account qualifies us to apply for numerous grants. (If you would like to assist with our Grant Writing efforts, please send an email to

Our Corporate Matching initiative further supplements our parent fundraising efforts. Please ask your employer if they have a corporate matching program. We can provide the necessary forms and tax ID information to assist you!

Thank you to all our parents who are able to donate and/or volunteer their time and expertise to help us reach our financial goals to keep these vital programs alive. We look forward to your support now and in the coming years to provide the same amazing programs to ALL our children for years to come. The E-TEAM board represents you, the E-TEAM parent community, and we welcome your feedback.


Initiatives & Campaigns